ASP.NET Application Start Up

Sequence of Start Up Events:

    • Reading web.config
    • Executing all methods marked with PreApplicationStartMethodAttribute
    • Application start event: AutoEventWireup starts to work
    • Executing all methods marked with PostApplicationStartMethodAttribute

AutoEventWireup: methods matching this pattern are searched: ModuleName_EventName, or ModuleName_OnEventName AutoEventWireup: ModuleName_EventName, or ModuleName_OnEventName e.g. Page_Load Application_Start

Example Events:

  • Application_OnStart: before first request, after startup
  • Application_OnEnd: after last request, before shutdown
  • Session_OnStart: before each unique user session, if without cookie, then for every request
  • Session_OnEnd: before? user session expires

note: for multiple matches of the same event, the last one wins for example if both Application_Start + Application_OnStart exist, Application_OnStart will be executed because it appears in the code later

Written on January 17, 2017